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As a commercial landscaping company, the breadth of our work is focused on maintaining large and complex properties that require complete services landscaping. We find this work to be both challenging, stimulating, and satisfying as we assist our clients with their landscaping needs. With our experienced staff of over 25 years, we truly do embody our brand. Our goal is to provide a complete landscaping experience, from reliable communication to a high quality of work. See the difference, working with Complete Landscape Care.

One of our primary services, every commercial property requires routine maintenance. We maintain plants, trees, shrubs and hardscapes to your specifications. Pristine landscapes must be maintained.
No commercial property is complete without active updates. Plant installations can add a splash of color, and a new tree can increase your long term property value. How else will you entice new tenants?
To set your commercial property apart from the rest, you must maintain your lawn. We utilize all best practices from proper mowing heights, to fertilization, all to keep your grass green.
In the hot California heat, we ensure that your lawn and landscape receives the nutrients it needs. Water is vital to the health of your landscape, and we install and maintain irrigation systems for just that reason.
We all know how blistering the heat can get in California, which is why a focus on drought tolerance within your landscape is a core service we provide. Form turf to plants, we want to make sure your investment can withstand the heat.
Pests can be extremely damaging to your lawn, plants, and trees. By engaging in routine pest treatments, you can cut the problem off at its head, and keep away the death and decay caused by critters.
At Complete, we do more than weed control. Our goal is eradicating the weeds that make their way into your landscape, and to prevent weeds from ever returning to your property. Learn more about our treatment process.
The structure and symmetry of your landscape is contingent on your trees. Keeping them healthy is often overlooked, but routine trimming is a must to keep your landscape looking lavish. Healthy trees need to get rid of decay.

What makes us different?

Unlike other landscaping companies, we do not view you as simply a client, you are a partner. We want to work with you on your landscape, keeping you involved and in the loop to ensure that your desires are being satisfied. Tailoring our services to each of our partners, you will receive intense attention to detail on your unique property. As it is in our name, we aim to provide a “Complete” landscaping experience, leaving you with less worry about your landscape.

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After you have contacted us, a team member will come out to your property, and discuss with you the needs of your landscape. Our team members posses a wealth of experience, and are ready to give you a no pressure, free consultation on the needs of your property.
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If you decide that you are interested in engaging in commercial landscaping services with Complete, then we will work with you to specify your desired services, and quote you a cost. This will allow you to easily budget over time. You can be confident that our quotes will both be free and fair.

Complete Landscaping beautifully planted a memorial tree for our congregation. Their service was clean, timely, and they chose the perfect tree for the location.

Sara Kelly
Grace Church

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