How We Do It

What Makes Us Different Than Our Competitors

Im sure you’re asking….. What makes Complete Landscape Care different?

Simply put, we provide a “Complete” landscaping experience. We know that landscaping is about more than showing up and doing the work. With Complete Landscape Care, you can expect consistent and clear communication, as well as reliable service. Your experience will be focused on you, right where it should be. If there is a problem on your property, you can expect a quick answer on when and how the issue will be alleviated. The quality of work will be there, but so will we.

What Our Customers are Saying

Great Work! Good Quality! They are very friendly and easy to connect with.

Eric Krueger

A Quality Process That We Can Talk About

Every company loves to say they have a quality process, integrity, or they are going to manage your property, but those words have quickly lost their significance as many companies don’t back up these qualities. Instead of just saying we will manage your property, our Diamond Level Quality Process was created to not only perform quality management but to report to you on your property’s landscape condition. This report will include a numerical grade along with a prioritized action item list and possible enhancement opportunities. If you are using Complete Landscape Care, you won’t be waiting on us to communicate what is important about your property.

Very professional and responsive.

Vicki Burdman