Landscape Maintenance

Serving LA & Orange Counties for more than 30 years!

Our core service, large commercial properties require a variety of maintenance services to stay looking sharp. Weekly maintenance takes care of the basics, keeping your plant material pruned, and your lawn mowed. Lawn care is the multitude of turf specific services that we provide to keep your grass green and pristine. This could be fertilization, or weed control. You will also want to actively update your property, keeping it fresh, with landscape enhancements.

Every week, your landscape requires routine maintenance to keep it looking good day to day. Our team comes in to mow, prune, and trim, ensuring your best look all week long.
To set your commercial property apart from the rest, you must maintain your lawn. We utilize all best practices from proper mowing heights, to fertilization, all to keep your grass green.
No commercial property is complete without active updates. Plant installations can add a splash of color, and a new tree can increase your long term property value. How else will you entice new tenants?

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Vicki Burdman